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Best Taxi Service Jaipur | 20% OFF for Local & Outstation

Taxi Rajasthan is the first choice among outstation travellers today to rent a Taxi in Jaipur for weekend Getaways, Business Meetings, Local sightseeing, or any other Event in Jaipur.

Looking for reliable and affordable taxi service in Jaipur? Look no further! Our Taxi Service Jaipur offers comfortable and safe rides across the Pink City.

Rajasthan Pari Tours is one of the best leading tour operators in the Indian tourism industry and the company provides best prices and best services. We aim to make your India trip easy and memorable with our excellent service and positive drive for a good, healthy and enjoyable holiday for all our customers.

Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Discover Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan


Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings, is a majestic state located in northern India, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, grand palaces and forts, vibrant festivals, and colorful markets. Rajasthan, the largest state by area in India, boasts a vibrant culture.

Rajasthan, state shows steep variations in temperature during the winter and hosts many festivals and fares during this time of the year.

Otherwise scorching in summer months, Rajasthan breathes a sigh of relief when the rain hits the land. And Dotted with elaborate forts and palaces, the places to visit in Rajasthan are among the most popular tourist destinations in India.

The nightlife in Rajasthan is blessed with an enormous range of entertainment options. Here are some popular things you can consider.

Explore The Best Places To Visit In New Delhi

Discover the Hidden Gems: Explore the Best Destinations of Delhi! Uncover the rich cultural heritage and vibrant attractions with our expert guide to the top destinations in Delhi. It goes without saying that Delhi Tourism is one of the most sought attractions for travellers, both Indians and those from across the world.

Best Time to Visit Delhi

It is best to visit Delhi between the months of October and March when the temperature is pleasant enough for different things to Do in Delhi.

rajasthan trip
Taj Mahal trip

The Hidden Beauty of Uttar Pradesh | The Best Places to Visit

Explore the Best Destination of Uttar Pradesh Plan your perfect getaway with our comprehensive guide to the top attractions, cultural treasures, and hidden gems in Uttar Pradesh​​

A state renowned for its art and culture, Uttar Pradesh has some of the most beautiful monuments, along with some of the most interesting tourist sights.

Uttar Pradesh, which is referred to as the ‘Heartland of India’, boasts of a rich cultural heritage. to one of the World’s Seven Wonders and flaunting exquisite arts such as handicrafts and jewelry. Uttar Pradesh is a bountiful and entirely religious territory.

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The choice between car, bus, and tempo traveller depends on various factors such as the number of passengers, budget, travel distance, schedule flexibility, and personal preferences. Consider the specific needs of your travel situation and choose the option that aligns best with those requirements.

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