Rajasthan Pari Tours

Rajasthan Pari Tours
Apr 08

We had a wonderful trip all over Rajasthan!
During 10 days we passed New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodpur and Udaipur in a very comfortable car.
We highly recommend this company because it’s really safe and good value for money.
The driver was always on time and gentle. He spoke English, he answered all our questions with intent and kindness. He gave us really good advice.
The car was always very clean and there was water and hand sanitizer available for us inside at all times.
Everything was really easy to organize, most of the time we texted the driver on WhatsApp to meet him.
He made us discover really good food and we discovered really cheap restaurants thanks to him.
We will keep a wonderful memory of this trip, a real human experience!

Alexandra D

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