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Jaipur Abhaneri Same Day Tour

Jaipur Abhaneri Same Day Tour

Duration: 01 Days & 0 Night


Jaipur Abhaneri Tour: A Memorable Same Day Experience

If you’re visiting the Pink City of India, Jaipur, then you must plan a day trip to Abhaneri, a small village located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. Abhaneri is famous for its historical stepwell, the Chand Baori, which is a major tourist attraction and a marvel of ancient engineering. This same-day tour from Jaipur to Abhaneri is a must-do activity for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to experience the rural side of Rajasthan.

Jaipur Abhaneri Tour Itinerary

The Jaipur Abhaneri tour usually starts early in the morning from your hotel in Jaipur. You’ll be picked up by a private air-conditioned car and driven to Abhaneri, which is around 95 km away from Jaipur. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to reach Abhaneri, depending on the traffic.

Once you reach Abhaneri, you’ll visit the main attraction of the village, the Chand Baori stepwell. This stepwell was built in the 9th century by King Chanda of the Nikumbha Dynasty and has 3,500 narrow steps arranged in perfect symmetry. The stepwell is 20 meters deep and provides relief from the scorching heat of Rajasthan. You’ll be amazed to see the intricate carvings and designs on the walls of the stepwell, which reflect the artistic skills of the ancient Rajasthani craftsmen.

After exploring the Chand Baori, you can visit Harshat Mata Temple, which is located adjacent to the stepwell. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of happiness and joy, and its architecture is similar to that of Khajuraho temples.

You can then head back to Jaipur and stop for lunch at a local restaurant on the way. Once you reach Jaipur, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel.

Benefits of the Jaipur Abhaneri Tour

The Jaipur Abhaneri tour is an excellent way to explore the rural side of Rajasthan and learn about its rich cultural heritage. The tour is a perfect blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for families, couples, and solo travelers.

The tour provides a comfortable and hassle-free experience, as you’ll be traveling in a private air-conditioned car with an experienced driver. You’ll also have a knowledgeable guide with you who will explain the history and significance of the Chand Baori stepwell and the Harshat Mata Temple.

The Jaipur Abhaneri tour is also budget-friendly, as it can be done in a single day, and you don’t need to spend a night in Abhaneri. You can also customize the tour according to your preferences and add more destinations to the itinerary.


The Jaipur Abhaneri tour is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Jaipur. The tour provides a unique opportunity to explore the rural side of Rajasthan and witness the marvels of ancient engineering. The Chand Baori stepwell is a true gem of Rajasthan and a must-see attraction for anyone interested in architecture and history. So, if you’re planning to visit Jaipur, don’t miss the chance to explore Abhaneri and its wonders.

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